Comic 102 - Shining Blue Light, Page 6

28th Mar 2012, 12:00 AM in Shining Blue Light
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Shining Blue Light, Page 6
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 28th Mar 2012, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Hey, Title-drop!

When writing Aurora, I tried to give her every insecurity I've ever had. I'm actually sorta insecure about a lot of things, and I used to be even worse. Half the time I'm sure my drawings are total crap, that I'm a lazy sack of nothing, and that I'm an overall bad friend, student, and person. And a complainer, since I'm sure a lot of people feel this way.

Aurora's worries are all my own, and William is the voice in my head telling me they're right. I'm terrified about trying to find a job this summer and convinced no one will ever hire me for the exact reasons he's listing (okay, I'm a college student but I don't have my degree yet).

I remember scripting this and thinking, "Yeah, this is never gonna work." I thought it was just way too artsy showing it with the shadows and everything, also if this was too dark a subject matter for the comic (we never see anything as dark as this page for the rest of the chapter).

I can't speak for the tone-shift, but artwork-wise I guess it works, mostly because of Martin's colors. The gloomy look of the apartment contributes a lot to the feeling of what's going on. Not to mention the great look on those shadows.
Martin F. 28th Mar 2012, 2:01 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Remember when I said he could always be worse on the last page? Turns out he is!

Punching a woman on-screen? No sir, not unless you're one of the heroes - in that case, it's okay.

Of course, difference there is Aurora's only crime is speaking out of line and she's clearly pretty frail, while Martina's an extremely powerful psychopath. Which I initially spelled as psychobath, which sounds kind of neat. Anyway, so yeah, the differing standards work, and it makes this page work better not directly seeing it.

Very happy with this one myself. Think the shadows add a good bit of visual interest to the proceedings, and it's something I wouldn't mind exploring using further down the line.

Also don't know that I'd say nothing gets this dark again. One page in particular stands out as a possible rival to it, but for different reasons.

Also, the switch to calling it the Blue Blood Heroes project was pretty last minute. Initially it was going to be Violet Bleed, and that was even the name initially used on this page - just a bit of info for you.


karma chameleon 28th Mar 2012, 4:30 AM edit delete reply
I KNEW IT! Will caused the transformation! (Assuming Aurora is the villain.)