Comic 214 - Darker Blue, Page 5

17th Apr 2013, 12:00 AM in Darker Blue
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Darker Blue, Page 5
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 17th Apr 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
I'm going to Cyphacon here in my hometown of Lake Charles, LA on Saturday. I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt anyone in this tiny fanbase live close enough to swing by, but if you do and you see me, say hi. I'll be cosplaying as The Medic. Also planning on taking pictures and uploading them to one of the comics' DA mirrors. Probably WaR if Martin's cool with it. ^^

Andy really shouldn't be doing that. The dunking could seriously hurt that thoughtful, intelligent, and remarkably handsome mystery man sitting in the dunking booth.

But yeah, again, we try some more jokes on this, and Lore trying the Strength Tester was another obvious gag. I kinda regret giving her that belt since she wound up wearing it for most of the chapter and it covers up her dress. Either way, good to see her and Andy taking time together again. Feels like it's been way too long since we've let the characters breathe and relax. ^^

In cameos, not only do we have the Pit-boy showing up again, and the mysterious, dashing guy in the dunking booth, but Flim and Flam from My Little Pony. As humans, naturally. I know it seems sorta 1920s-ish to have a guy challenging people for the strength-tester, but I actually did go to a carnival once as a kid where someone was actually doing that. The line about the stuffed toys I specifically remember; it was dark so the guy probably couldn't tell the ladyfriend I was with happened to be my sister.

Very happy with this page; Andy and Lore look really cute and like the details to the coloring, especially on the booths. Especially since I remember looking at this page and thinking what a pain cleaning up and coloring it was gonna be for Martin.
Martin F. 17th Apr 2013, 12:01 AM edit delete
Martin F.
That guy in the dunking booth rubs me the wrong way. Something tells me that guy has no friends and has a comic no one reads. Also he probably goes on and on about some variety of online game.

Anyway, this page did take me a long while to do. Remember feeling pretty tempted to ask Adam to handle this one because it took me a ton of work with just how busy it is, but I decided to ride it out and I am glad for that since I'm pretty happy with it. Has this fun, a lot's happening sort of feel I think. Sort of makes me wonder what it'd be like if I write a carnival scene for Abe to draw on Black Princess at some point, he'd probably do great with that.

Not a whole lot else to say on this one, Adam covered most of it, but hope everyone enjoys! Except for the guy in the dunking booth, screw that guy.
Adam C. 17th Apr 2013, 12:29 AM edit delete
Adam C.
I... That's hurtful Martin. I mean, I'm sure the guy in the booth is probably not as friendly as he thinks he is or has as much integrity as he pretends, but maybe he has issues. Maybe he's insecure and he knows nobody reads his comic but still is encouraged to keep going by the meager support he gets from just one single, very important person. And maybe he knows he goes on about this one game too much and is trying to tone it down at the very least. Just... There's no need to say those kinds of things, man. No need at all.
Martin F. 17th Apr 2013, 12:41 AM edit delete
Martin F.
True... Maybe the guy in the dunking booth at least tries, and he probably deserves credit for that. But he should invest in a hair brush. Plus look at his clothes, could he be more obvious in how much he likes the color blue? It's almost an obsession and it's worrying me.


Wolfintina 17th Apr 2013, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
That dunking booth gag I remember from one of your Erika comics, you drew yourself in the dunking booth Adam, although the artwork on this one is much better, and I sure hope Lore didn't break the strength-tester.
Adam C. 17th Apr 2013, 4:06 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Yeah, I should hope the artwork's improved so many years later... At the very least this carnival actually has people in it. But don't worry, she probably just gloated.
karma chameleon 17th Apr 2013, 11:04 AM edit delete reply
I'm guessing Lore used the bigger hammer, just to freak Flim (or is it Flam?) out.
Adam C. 17th Apr 2013, 4:05 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
I wanna say Flam is the one with the 'stache. Which would mean Flim is working the strength tester. Again, when I saw this at a real carnival, the guy chided me for using the smaller hammer and wound up using the bigger one. Was like 12 at the time.
Guest 17th Apr 2013, 4:56 PM edit delete reply
Mental note. never call super strong kids dainty. even if they are in MLP gear.
Adam C. 18th Apr 2013, 1:28 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Never sneer at ANYONE in MLP gear. We don't play around, boy. We'll mess you up!
karma chameleon 20th Apr 2013, 9:00 AM edit delete reply
Ooh, new follower. Welcome to Blue Bloods!