Comic 283 - Blue Guardians, Page 6

11th Dec 2013, 12:00 AM in Blue Guardians
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Blue Guardians, Page 6
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 11th Dec 2013, 12:00 AM edit delete
Martin F.
I kind of wonder what it must be like to be in Heather's position, unaware of all of the supervillains hanging around. Makes you wonder if she maybe thought the powers meant they were in some other genre or something.

Anyway, this scene will be running uninterrupted through most of the rest of the chapter. So... Though we won't entirely just be seeing this room, get used to it since it will be making up a lot of the remainder of things. There'll also naturally be a lot of talking in here.

Anyway, a lot of what I have to say on this scene will be more fitting to go into later so... Hope everyone enjoys and keeps reading!
Adam C. 11th Dec 2013, 1:50 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Yeah, taken from Heather's perspective, that's a pretty bizarre thing to hear. I mean, imagine if your best friend turned out to be a super-hero and one of her enemies was.... I don't know, J. K. Rowling or Tom Hanks someone. You'd think they'd gone totally insane.

Anyway, like Martin said, this page is mostly just dialog in this location without any breaks. Which.... I wanna say is the first time Blues as done this. We've had action-free chapters before but not so monotonously. I really feel weird doing that but it fits the situation for the moment, I guess. Plus the visuals do take us out of the room, you'll see why pretty soon, and I did work hard to make the dialog establish character and such.

Dunno why this even bothers me so much. Most comics I read are really dull and boring when it's just dialog, like the author is just really bored. Not to say it can't be pulled off (one of my favorite moments in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic is just Peter and MJ talking in her garage for like half the issue) just not very often. Then again, more often than that I see comics that have the other extreme; the author has ADD so a character has to transform or punch something or get stripped to their underwear every five minutes (depending on the genre) so maybe this is a good sign.

Grant being a bad liar was another little character tic we had planned but didn't show until now. ^^ Just figured we could have fun with it, hopefully it'll pop up again sometime in the future.


Wolfintina 11th Dec 2013, 2:02 AM edit delete reply
So when's Jake going to join in this discussion?
Adam C. 11th Dec 2013, 7:33 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh... It'll be a bit, I'm afraid. ^^
JasonDeroga 11th Dec 2013, 2:29 PM edit delete reply
I like your style, man! Simple and to the point. I'm intrigued by the characters, and intend to follow the story!
Adam C. 13th Dec 2013, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Wooo! That made my day. ^^ Appreciate the support and will keep a weather eye out for future comments.