Comic 298 - Blue Power Heroes

1st Feb 2014, 12:00 AM in True Blue Filler
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Blue Power Heroes
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 1st Feb 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Hey, everyone, we take commissions!

Heh, honestly, I'm a little unsure about posting this just given that's what it was made for, but I doubt the guy who asked for it will mind and Adam wants to post it, and he's in charge since it's his comic.

So, ponies! Yeah, we did this right after the Power Ponies episode aired. I'm very happy with it, though don't know how much outside appeal it'll have. Maybe it'll lead to some people flaming us for daring to like ponies, that'd be fun. Not being sarcastic, I'd have fun with that.

Yeah, I don't have too much to actually say on this one. I didn't actually color it dark like this - I just applied a layer of shading over top of daylight colors. Might be how I wind up doing night scenes in the future - not 100%, but it looks more even and it's way easier than overhauling the entire palette. We'll see though, there probably won't be any for awhile.

We'll have another filler come Wednesday that's a little more story relevant and will introduce a character who's relevant to Icy Blue. Be sure to come by!

And if you want anything commission-wise from us, feel free to ask about it!
Adam C. 1st Feb 2014, 12:12 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Best commission we've ever done! Wooo!

Honestly, can't say how friggin' happy I was to do this. Got to draw some character/concepts I absolutely loved in addition to my own characters interacting in a great way. Honestly, was tempted to do this for free if I wasn't so greedy. Well, that and it was a pretty big time-sink, and my schedule's busy enough that I couldn't just drop everything to do it for free.

But yeah, one of our readers, who happens to be friends with Martin on his usual wrestling forums, asked if we'd do this commission of both groups together. In particular loved the various character match-ups. ^^ The Pony-Signal in the sky was great too. Must be put up by Commissioner Armor.

It seemed just like a shame to keep it to ourselves, so asked the commissioner if we could put it up here as a filler. If anybody else has anything they want to see, on any franchise/subject, we'll give it a shot. Just leave a comment.

I do admittedly regret the fact that they're ponies and not human-ized. Mainly since I just don't think I do that well at drawing Ponies, but commissioner said they look fine, so what do I know?

For the episode itself.... Really kinda split on it. I absolutely loved the super-hero stuff in it (Radiance was friggin' awesome. They should kick Hal Jordan out of the JLA and let her replace him), but think the focus on Spike put him down a bit. There was kind of a broken aesop there; it's about how Spike is important and needs to feel confident, only it doesn't work since the ponies DO treat him like crap and half the stories he's in DO play him as just dumb comic relief. The moral should be less "He needs thicker skin" and more "You should all stop being so mean."

So yeah, my two cents... In any case, please send us commissions, we're always in need of the money. ^^
Adam C. 1st Feb 2014, 12:19 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Put up a smaller version of the page here. The full-sized version can be seen here:


Wolfintina 1st Feb 2014, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Well this is certainly interesting, for well reason when I look at this I really wish Starchild could of been included(don't know why I just do).
Adam C. 3rd Feb 2014, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh.... Well, that would've cost the guy extra. ^^ If you wanna try something like that, is always the commission option.