Comic 386 - Re-Designs 1: Familiar Faces

29th Nov 2014, 12:00 AM in True Blue Filler
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Re-Designs 1: Familiar Faces
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 29th Nov 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
I love how it's very, very probably none of the characters here are going to be in the upcoming chapter, but we prioritized their re-designs anyway just because we really wanted to do them. ^^ Were a lot of fun, especially Lenore and Spencer.

But yeah, sorry about this, but the next chapter will be starting Wednesday. Due to a few reasons work's been slow on our end, plus it took me forever to figure out what the cover for the chapter was gonna be. Like a fussy child I kept tossing away ideas 'til I hit on one I liked. Do rather enjoy it, though.

So yeah, these three. Stickset me and Martin had to talk about for a while, since there were two routes we could go. Believe it or not, even though she's not exactly the comic's most fleshed out character, she's got a backstory in mind, so both paths were determined by that; make her high-class and snooty, or sorta trashy and ugly but still rude and snooty. As you can probably tell we went for the latter. Tried to make her look kinda ugly, like a weird chick you'd meet in a bar, just wearing a lab coat. I really loved the hairline being visible since it makes her look kinda unappealing instead of sci-fi-ish. I made her bald because I kinda have a thing for bald chicks, but becoming clear she's not the kind of character you should have a thing for.

Lenore was one I had a lot of trouble with too, since I'm sorta annoyed at the Tim-Burton-ness of her design (seriously, he ruins that style for everyone). I was so clueless on what to do that Martin actually did her re-design himself and I just copied what he sent me. Really love some of the subtle touches like... Oh! Crap, you can't see it at that size, her eyes have this curvy-yet-pointy thing to them that's just awesome and so fitting. Will try and let him discuss it in more detail.

Heather was an odder case; I don't remember the back-and-forth on her, though I know there was a lot. One thing I had in mind was making her chubbier and (like Valerie) making the eyes slightly smaller to indicate she's older than the other kids. The chubbiness though.. Eheh... Well, it's really, really hard to see body-type changes through that containment suit. At Martin's suggestion I tried slimming that down a bit.

Spencer had the most radical departure, as we tried really hard to make him more Bishie. We quickly found out that too much Bishie is a terrible, terrible thing to have, so we worked hard to dial him back. Otherwise he'd depart too heavily from the comic's artstyle. Martin suggested using William Regal as a reference to prettyboy-up the hair, and mixed that in with a Bishie version of Bruce Wayne. No joke, the movie Gotham Knights, which is a series of vignettes set in the Dark Knight universe made by various anime directors actually featured Bruce Wayne in Bishie style in one point. It was the most terrible thing I've ever seen. Had to use it.

Shinobu is... Christ, am I just tired? I'm having a lot of trouble recalling the specifics of all of these. Didn't get much sleep today... Anyway, tried to play up her race more since the artwork revamp had us pay more attention to how to draw new ethnic features. Her eyes aren't as gigantic and innocent anymore; trying to denote cuteness but mixed in with intellect. Also loved the cutesy pastel colors here. I really wanna do more with her and Spencer soon. They're a ton of fun. Fortunately their next planned appearance is on the horizon.

Doing the comments on this really made me realize how dependent I was for Martin on these. My re-designs are very "whatever" in the initial thoughts, and I basically just push the pen around the tablet to see what happens. Martin's been directing and tweaking my art so long, I think he has a better idea of what to expect out of me and what I can pull off than I do. Really owe him for this one.

Really wish we could do more of these soon, but due to the holiday have to wait. Pity, I've been shrugging off a mounting depression due to various reasons like the upcoming final exams, and that's always great at cheering me up.
Martin F. 29th Nov 2014, 12:20 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Heh, wow, after all that wonder what all is even going to be left for me to say.

Well, I guess I should start at Lenore. What I did with her was I edited a shot of her in a previous page to play around with some ideas Adam had mentioned having for her redesign and to try and get that straightened out - thinned her out a bit, messed around with her hair slightly, that sort of thing. While doing that I came along the idea of making her actual eyes smaller with the somewhat odd angle you see here, as well as some things that were not used in the final version like visible ears, a more even haircut, and more pronounced bangs.

So yeah, thought this was an interesting set. I remember when we did this we weren't sure until right as we started streaming who we were even hitting - working idea for awhile was Stickset, Heather, Lenore, and Xandy, but I wasn't really enthusiastic about that batch and Adam didn't really want to do Lenore. Wound up including her here after I did that tweaking thing in the midst of us figuring out who to go with.

I do hope Lenore and Stickset do squeak into the next chapter somehow, though. Kind of unlikely but both have them have been in every chapter so far. At least for the time being WaR's resident person with perfect attendance, Power, will be appearing in the next chapter to keep up her streak. Though she wasn't in the prologue.

Yeah, Stickset we actually partially based on the sorts of design ideas we used for Ivy League. Don't think it shows too much, given the different face and build plus how prominent Ivy's hair is compared to how Stickset doesn't have any (though we did add that peach fuzz), but they were kind of coming from the same place. She needs to get that tattoo on her chest touched up, can barely see the thing here.

Think that's about all I've got. Do really like how this whole batch came out, though I'm sure Spencer will be one of those ones who takes a little adjusting. Beats the initial look we settled on though, face looked really weird there.


Wolfintina 29th Nov 2014, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
These redesign pages are really jarring but I'll get used to it.