Comic 407 - Stronger, Faster, Bluer, Page 18er

7th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM in Stronger, Faster, Bluer
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Stronger, Faster, Bluer, Page 18er
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 7th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Sigh, had to send the computer I've been using for months for the coloring and stuff back to my brother. Won't impact coloring or anything, I have a spare that's also up to the task, but less convenient. And there's always the annoyance when you have to move files around and stuff.

Anyway! Yeah, this page is fun. Go on, laugh at how Grant very nearly brutally murdered somebody! It's funny! I guess.

Heh, actually do really want to play up this sort of thing more in the comics going forward. Think the only time we've really approached the subject of heroes potentially having to kill to date is Alex saying in WaR's first chapter that he's killed people before. Well, and some side stuff we've done. Have I ever posted the explanation of how Alex's first kill went down online? Know I've written stuff about it before.

Whatever, that's off on a tangent. Anyway, pretty happy with this page.

Man, it's weird to think how close to done this chapter is. Don't want to give an exact number just yet due to not wanting to spoil much, maybe will on the next page, but we're coming up on the end of it.
Adam C. 7th Feb 2015, 1:20 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Fairly positive that hasn't come up in-story just yet. ^^ But yeah, like Martin said, we honestly ARE planning to address the idea of death in the superhero business in the future. And not just as a quick joke here, either.

Like we said last week, this page was really tedious and tough to do. The swingset was a lot more complex than it looks to put together, and even with re-using the background in the last two panels it was a time-consuming one. Took us two days to finish it and me and Martin were both impressed it wasn't longer.

Heh... And yeah, the Avatar thing didn't escape out notice either. ^^ Jenny has a mild thing for anime in general and think by extension she's a fan of the show. Don't think that's come up yet.

So yeah, Meyers is having trouble with her powers. ^^ Anyway, hope you folks enjoy the page. Like... hope you find it funny instead of... y'know, horrifying. Only now realize this joke could go either way.


Wolfintina 7th Feb 2015, 1:27 AM edit delete reply
Well this is certainly an interesting page, looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Adam C. 10th Feb 2015, 3:59 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
I'm looking forward to what's happening next too. ^^ Hope you'll be pleased.