Comic 434 - Blue Debut, Page 20

12th May 2015, 11:00 PM in Blue Debut
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Blue Debut, Page 20
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 12th May 2015, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Yeah, next chapter's Blue vs. Green. Bringing back Antlers is a pretty obvious choice given the name, but the chapter's got a few surprises and after this boring snore-fest quite a lot of butt-kicking. Hope you guys'll be impressed. ^^

Again, very happy this chapter's over, still think it's easily the weakest Blues one. That said, this new one shows some input on Antlers. What's he doing in "His" glen, why did this mysterious superhero track him here?

Also... since we're probably not going to see this guy again, guess I should talk about him. The whole idea was to just make an Expy of Smoke from Mortal Kombat, hence why he's teleporting into the clearing with a puff of smoke and forming a katana out of it. I really hope nobody got attached since this page was mostly here to let us know more about Antlers and set up some things that'll be explored properly in the next chapter.

That said, the scenery in this glen might be toned down next time we see it. I did like a few touches, in particular the wind and the tiny bridge, but would just be time consuming to draw with the whole team in it.
Martin F. 12th May 2015, 11:16 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Think this is the first time I've ever not gone with a blue border for a Blues page - BP's gone back and forth between grey and black the whole time, WaR alternates between various colors depending on what the focus is (mainly purple's Alex or just general pages, green's Laura, blue's Sarabeth, brown is O'Hara or Rin, pink is Power), but Blues, I try to keep to, y'know, blue. Not the case with this page or the next chapter though given the name of it - even the quickly-approaching 400th page has it just in the name of not being too jarring and switching back to blue just to go right back to green afterward.

Speaking of the 400th page, as Adam mentioned in commenting on WaR's 350th, it'll be a double-length one and I'd imagine it pretty much has to have the biggest head count to date in any of the comics. More on that when we get to it.

Which won't be right away, will be some between-chapters filler as usual - offhand there's another Fontainebleu page and I'm wanting to say there's something else that's been done I'm forgetting about. Might also end up running some of the designs we've done for possible new costumes for the group, but not 100% on that one.


Wolfintina 12th May 2015, 11:34 PM edit delete reply
Even if Antlers is stronger on his home turf I still don't think he's human, looking forward to seeing what happens next.