Comic 521 - Based On A Blue Story- Page 26

9th Mar 2016, 12:00 AM in Based On A Blue Story
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Based On A Blue Story- Page 26
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 9th Mar 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.

Yeah, Andy pulls a mid-air Canadian Destroyer on Quartz. Wasn't sure the motion of it was properly conveyed, hence the little visual aid. Martin had told me a while back that the move is impossible to use in an actual fight (you need the cooperation of the guy you're doing it on), so had to make sure Lore already threw Quartz into the air for Andy to take advantage of it. ^^

Naturally liked getting to use all of the team working together here. Grant gets Nicky and Jenny free with a sonic-cut, Lore gets him in the air, Andy pulls that move, and Val gives him a hard zap. ^^ Liked all of the visuals here, in particular Quartz's reaction from the shock and the way his hand looks when Grant cuts his shoulder and makes him drop Nicky.

Not much to say here. Obviously Qrime Qure doesn't react well to electricity, though we'll get into the hows and whys on Saturday. You might remember that when Valerie got struck by lightning in the last chapter I mentioned wanting her to be able to summon electricity. I wanted her to know how specifically for this fight.
Martin F. 9th Mar 2016, 12:19 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Decision to do the Canadian Destroyer thing was entirely on Adam, for what it's worth. Seems more eager for the wrestling move thing than I am; I was fairly shaky about writing a half-Boston Crab into an upcoming WaR page and that's way more subdued. Still, certainly showy, this and hey, is his call so whatever.

Not sure what else I've got to say here offhand, kind of a one thing page to comment on really given the set-up for that takes up the bulk of it. Still, hope everyone enjoys!


Wolfintina 9th Mar 2016, 12:21 AM edit delete reply
So that's what Val needed electricity for, looking forward to the next page.
Adam C. 11th Mar 2016, 3:26 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Do hope you'll enjoy it. ^^
Reaper Dragon 9th Mar 2016, 12:31 PM edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
The last two frames - I'm going to try to remember that quote:)
Adam C. 11th Mar 2016, 3:26 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh... Gladja like. ^^