Comic 53 - Blue Fire Baptism, Page 20

8th Oct 2011, 12:00 AM in Blue Fire Baptism
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Blue Fire Baptism, Page 20
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 8th Oct 2011, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
In a really bad mood at the moment, so apologize for any surliness.

Ugh.... Proportions are really bad in this one. Especially the last panel. But this is the last page of this chapter, so hooray, I guess. I was hoping I could finish the next one by the time it went up, but still got about five pages left I need to draw. No way can I get them done by Wednesday.
Martin F. 8th Oct 2011, 6:38 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Yeah, chapter finished. Next one is around 40 pages long after those not yet drawn so, ya know, be prepared for that. It covers a lot of ground, though. And still shorter than the next WaR and BP chapters.

Not much to say on this one, but can see where it was the start of altering the proportions a bit. That doesn't fully take until a few pages into the next one, though - not that many, probably five or so at the most.