Comic 539 - Tangled Up In Blue, Page 1

10th May 2016, 11:00 PM in Tangled Up In Blue
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Tangled Up In Blue, Page 1
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 10th May 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Qrime Qure ending up in a coma after fighting Marvelous Man was, yet again, a day-one thing about his story arc. Thus, it was weird to tease the fact that he'd die, and leave the chapter on a cliffhanger for that when there was never even a consideration that he'd die.

On the plus side we get to see Aurora again. ^^ Always love getting to see characters we haven't drawn in forever, back in the new art style. Likewise with Susan Meyers. Kinda neat to see she's still got that perky attitude.

Originally, Aurora had a bad stutter in this page, Martin suggested I tone it down since she didn't have that in her first appearance. Aurora will likely show up later in the chapter, but that's a maybe and if she does it won't be for long.

The inclusion of one of his ex-wives was another attempt to throw more fuel to the "What's real, what's not" fire. So he WAS married to a woman named Felicia Fancy, but she's apparently still alive so... eh?

Either way, this sets the tone for something; a major theme of the chapter is seeing someone you haven't met in a long time. Aurora's only the first on that list.
Martin F. 10th May 2016, 11:16 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Aurora has this weird tendency to appear alongside random villains in the comic. Like half of them have shared a page with her at some point, it's kind of funny.

Honestly the detail I find tragic here is that teddy bear. Not sure why exactly but it just made me kind of melancholy coloring it, I guess because of besides being a get-well sort of thing it's also kind of a symbol of how much he's fallen, seeing the old costume in a cutesy marketing light compared to where he is now. Thought that was a very nice touch that Adam put in on this.

Not sure what else I have to say offhand, but hope everyone enjoys.


Wolfintina 10th May 2016, 11:29 PM edit delete reply
Well this is certainly an interesting way of starting a chapter, looking forward to seeing all the returning characters.
Adam C. 11th May 2016, 3:15 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
You dunno how glad I am to hear ya say that. ^^