Comic 571 - Tangled Up In Blue, Page 33

30th Aug 2016, 11:00 PM in Tangled Up In Blue
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Tangled Up In Blue, Page 33
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 30th Aug 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
God, I love how the visuals come out on these pages. Every page of this fight, we find something else to experiment with on the blurring. We'd done explosions before, but they always looked just a touch off, like we weren't grasping it. Martin sent this back and just remembered thinking "OH!"

I really liked the speech-bubbles in this one too. Got a chance to play around with them; the booming voice over the speakers, the tiny voice from the phone, the REALLY tiny voice when she's in the distance... Even just the microphone propped up to the phone was a neat image.

Kinda the main problem is that I dunno if the art conveys she's kicking the cart into the announcer's booth. Came out a bit awkward. .... The line "Here's one with everything" while using a hot-dog cart for a weapon I got from the Fantastic Four, by the way. Classic Ben Grimm.
Martin F. 30th Aug 2016, 11:10 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Yeah, this one certainly has some spectacle to it, and really I think goes to show just how dangerous Decay Conductor really is - it really draws attention to how all the things she's done so far were done working with almost nothing, and then even with a relatively small set of items like the contents of a hot dog cart she can majorly ramp up the destruction compared to what she was pulling off before.

Also like the touch with the smaller word balloons in the background and such. We've played around a bit with those recently in terms of sizing and some creative presentation, and think that's a pretty neat little next step with that. Not anything mindblowing or revolutionary of course, far from it, but do think it's a cool little thing that puts over the page some more.


Wolfintina 30th Aug 2016, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
Whoa there's a lot going on in this page, what in the world going to happen next.
Adam C. 31st Aug 2016, 3:05 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh... Hope you'll enjoy. ^^
Naldru 31st Aug 2016, 2:03 PM edit delete reply
Don't you mean substance rather than subsistence? Of course, by the time anyone reads this, it will probably be fixed and people will think I'm crazy.
Adam C. 31st Aug 2016, 3:04 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Eheh... Yeah, fixed, really appreciate it. ^^ Really embarrassing typo given we did it twice. In the same sentence.