Comic 582 - Tangled Up In Blue, Page 44

7th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM in Tangled Up In Blue
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Tangled Up In Blue, Page 44
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 7th Oct 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Any readers in Louisiana, I'm going to be at the Louisiana Comic Con today (Saturday the 8th) in Lafayette. Last-minute thing so just going as the Scarecrow again, so if you've going to be in the area, say hello. ^^

But yeah, hope you folks weren't expecting a round 2. Hijacking the ambulance was just a frantic method of escape. Wanted to emphasize that as tough-looking as the escape is, Decay Conductor's legitimately horrified at losing her hand. She's even crying in the third panel. Figured it was a realistic reaction to what had happened. The image of her skulking off into the dark was pretty much designed to bring intrigue and hopefully hype folks up for when she comes back.

The last panel was hard to write, honestly. Wasn't sure if Marvelous Man's response would be a self-assured, "I'll be waiting" or genuinely wanting to take her down. Martin suggested the latter.

We miiiight upload Decay Conductor's uncensored pages to Deviantart or somewhere else where we have the option of a mature-content filter. I dunno, depends on how interested folks are. By the time the page's gone up they should already be uploaded to Patreon as a bonus to any patrons.
Martin F. 8th Oct 2016, 2:58 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Yeah, Decay Conductor's thing in the last page was less her getting up more than ready to go for a round two and more just a last bit of defiance before slumping off to recover. She's not shrugging the losing a hand off thing by any means, probably going to be out of commission for quite awhile.

Not sure what else I've got offhand but do hope everyone enjoys. This is the last we'll see of Decay Conductor for a bit but yeah, we do have an eventual return storyline in mind. That'll probably be a good bit down the line though.

Oh, I should probably go ahead and say now what the plan is for WaR's anniversary on Monday since didn't mention it in Friday's update. We're prooobably going to submit the anniversary picture then and then run a double page on Friday, but might instead run a page as normal on Monday and do an extra update with the anniversary picture on Wednesday. Either way we want the chapter finishing on the date it's currently scheduled to end on so somewhere along the way there's going to be a bonus update.


Wolfintina 8th Oct 2016, 3:10 PM edit delete reply
Looks like the adrenaline wore off, wonder what's going to happen next.