Comic 591 - Tangled Up In Blue, Page 52

4th Nov 2016, 11:00 PM in Tangled Up In Blue
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Tangled Up In Blue, Page 52
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 4th Nov 2016, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Nnnng... Great, Scatterbrained and this page has a LOT to say about it.

When I originally did this script, Marvelous Man was supposed to be shouting and angry, like red-in-the-face furious. When drawing it though it turned into high-ground lecturing instead. I felt like it was more plausible but to me almost kind of worse. A lost temper is understandable after the day he's had, but being able to rationalize it combined with some points in his speech and... Somehow this is more unsettling.

There's a lot I wanna say about the speech, but feel like it'd be really condescending and pretentious to dissect it in my own comments.... Which, yeah, I do that all the time anyway, but you can probably form your own conclusions about it. Think there's kinda a LOT going on in what he's saying, character-wise.

This wraps up the Marvelous Man half of the plot. After this we'll cut back to Jake and have the chapter done in just two more pages.

I'm curious what folks thought about this half of the chapter. We never really got to "meet" Marvelous Man before this chapter, it was always too distant. I really just wanted a chapter telling a super-hero story with Marvelous Man as the protagonist. Let's see what he's like as the main star of the story and telling everything from his perspective. Just... Get to know the guy beyond just some smug smiling dude in spandex.

Happy with the result but Marvelous Man is consistently the character I struggle the most with writing; I'm constantly flip-flopping on how far would be too far to take him. Picture him as being a plausible super-hero. Like, you could picture an actual comic with him as the main character.

The trouble is that he's meant to also raise some red flags. That's the part I'm always second-guessing myself with; over-emphasize one direction and you lose plausibility with the other.
Martin F. 5th Nov 2016, 4:22 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Yeah, Marvelous Man stuff can walk a little bit of a tricky line, and can be something we toss ideas back and forth to each other on a lot, just kind of feeling things out and trying to figure out exactly how to frame everything. That's something we do a lot of in general but a good bit of the time it involves him.

Not sure what I've got to say beyond that, it's kind of a hard page to comment on. There is one other thing standing out to me but it's kind of better served for a couple pages from now to really bring it up, so I'll hold off there. Like Adam said we're very nearly done with the chapter.


Guest 5th Nov 2016, 4:55 AM edit delete reply
Mic drop

Sooo wow.. MM is a douche bag but one with SOME points.. But he just lost some sypathmy for the whole "My word vs. yours." thing. douche move man, Douche move.

So have you guys thought about doing a spin off comic of MM? I can see it now.. The man of steel Superman. the scarlet speedster,flash.. and the total douche nozzle, Marvelous man XD
Reaper Dragon 5th Nov 2016, 1:19 PM edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
A soldier on police duties choosing to act like a soldier in a war zone while in his own country is basically a terrorist.
He needs to realise he is a manufactured blue blood and thus doesn't have all the blue blood qualities. Also telling him to use reverse interrogation techniques by name dropping The Insomniac back at base should be enough to get him thinking.

I hope that was recorded.
Adam C. 7th Nov 2016, 6:16 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Huh. Good comment. ^^

I dunno if I'd say terrorist given he has no real agenda he's attempting to get made but... yeah, is a bit dark, that. Good thought on the Insomniac, however.

As for recording, don't think so. ^^
Wolfintina 5th Nov 2016, 2:33 PM edit delete reply
MM should have stayed in the military as an ordinary soldier, the power going to his head and it's just going to get worse.
Adam C. 7th Nov 2016, 4:53 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh.. Maybe would've helped. I kinda thought that might be what he was like to begin with myself, though maybe this did just make it worse...
Rastaba 7th Nov 2016, 10:30 AM edit delete reply
MM is nothing but a child playing Hero, and is fast becoming a bully as everyone around him seems to be refusing to accept that he can do whatever he wants as long as he beats up the bad guys. He has a straight up hero complex and they only made it worse by giving him that costume and the powers. It is giving that child license to hurt everyone around them with no real way to stop them or enforce any rules except the one HE approves of. He doesn't need to answer to anybody except people who refuse to or literally can't do a thing to stop him.

When told to apologize he insists he's the hero and throws a fit. When faced with s villain that won't just let him win he has a tantrum. He has several rational points. I am not here to argue about Quartz. It's already been covered that he can't be blamed for simply not knowing the kids could defend themselves, or that removing the suit could have killed the guy. But he refuses to acknowledge that super powers and being a military man don't give him license to act like there are no consequences for him. He might be the first (we all know second) ADULT blueblood, but that is it. He is acting like a child. A psychotic child with the power to kill people if he is told no one too many times.

Also, Am I the only one who thinks his little buddy is just a figment of his fractured psyche creating this little @$$-kissing SIDEKICK for himself to effectively help him to feel he is always right by having someone who always agrees with him? I mean I had my suspicions but nobody but him seems to have acknowledged his existance except some 'out of panel' individual inviting him off briefly. He also survived in that gas cloud produced by the first villain to not abide by his rules that 'I got your throat so the fight's over'. A feat I honestly think is damn near impossible without super abilities or being not real. I could and likely am wrong, jumping to conclusions, but this is just how I feel.

Also, sorry for the rant and wall of text. I have a hard time being concise.
Adam C. 8th Nov 2016, 12:37 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh.... Don't feel bad about the rant. We love getting new commenters. ^^ Anything you have to say on either this or WaR, don't be shy.

Heh... But yeah, strong words.... I'm not entirely sure Marvelous Man is getting worse, though. I kinda think he might've always been like this, but between giving him super-powers and telling him to work Stateside, it's become more noticeable. Then again, just speculating, that hasn't really been explored in-universe.

The idea that Private Gardner is a figment of Marvelous Man's imagination is... interesting, though. ^^ A reader on our Deviantart mirror suggested that too, believe it or not.