Comic 606 - Who Blue Truly Are- Page 6

28th Dec 2016, 12:00 AM in Who Blue Truly Are
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Who Blue Truly Are- Page 6
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 28th Dec 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Yeaaaaaah, Su's one of those people who goes way too crazy with the holiday. ^^ Admittedly not the worst person to have when you're organizing the Halloween haunted house for children. .... She's probably gone way overbudget, though. The blue bloodstains were a sort of great, creepy touch to it too.

This is the basic theme of the chapter; determining what makes you who you are. Expect the exact phrase "Who you really are" to come up a lot as we hear some different perspectives in relation to various different characters. We'll get more into this as we go forward.

I did like this as a weird idea for Halloween; monsters are already here, but on the day they just take off their human disguises. Here in America nobody knows or cares about the origins of Halloween (including myself) and this just seems like a kind of spooky-but-fun in-universe story for Su to make up to frighten kids. Plus it fits in nicely with the chapter's whole thing.

Costumes we got are Maristela (a character created by one of our readers) who's dressed as Alola!Ninetails (She has power over her hair, figure she can make it change color). Vincent is Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite; kinda trying to emphasize that Vincent's a gamer too and he and Andy would get along great if they didn't actually have to share a room. Taktaq and Gabe are Samus Aran and Shinji Ikari respectively. With Taktaq I didn't want to dress her as Korra, so found another butt-kicking heroine in blue. With Gabe same deal, didn't wanna make him Pit, and I'm a huuuge EVA fan. ^^ Plus there's the joke that Gabe was inspired by an angel, so for Halloween he's dressed as someone whose job is killing them.
Martin F. 28th Dec 2016, 12:05 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Not sure how much I've got to say on this one offhand, but fun stuff. Good excuse getting to flex a bit.

Yeah, I dunno, kind of blanking on things to say here, page kind of speaks for itself. Do hope everyone enjoys though.


Wolfintina 28th Dec 2016, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
Miss Tickle without a happy face that's really rare, well this is certainly an interesting page, wonder what's going to happen next.
Adam C. 30th Dec 2016, 5:54 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh... True. ^^ I think she realized Su's gonna muscle her out of this.
Drakefire 29th Dec 2016, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
There is overkill. Then there is overkill.

Then there's this.
Adam C. 30th Dec 2016, 5:55 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh... Why does everyone seem to think the chainsaw scythe is real? One fan actually got into a long debate with me over IMs that Su should be fired over this.
Rastaba 30th Dec 2016, 11:29 AM edit delete reply
Because they live in a universe with guys like Spencer and his super cyborg guard dogs, one of whom is a robot who has a chainsaw hand. A chainsaw scythe, however impractical a weapon due to its unwieldiness, is hardly unbelievable given such context. Mind you, pretty Sure it is either A, a prop that just makes noise like one and has some motion to mimic it, or B, only to be used on otherwise indestructible students anyways.
Drakefire 2nd Jan 2017, 1:34 PM edit delete reply
I know the chainsaw scythe isn't real. This all just seems like a bit much.

Then again, I scare really easily.
Adam C. 3rd Jan 2017, 4:15 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.

Scare easy. This should be fun. ^^
Rastaba 30th Dec 2016, 11:35 AM edit delete reply
I wanna see how Guin gets to help! Such a cute little ghosty! And as I mentioned in an earlier reply, Chainsaw Scythe isn't totally unreasonable but generally as a real weapon would be useless due to sheer weight distribution and balance. Pretty sure only someone with super strength could actually make real use of such, so figure it is in fact just a prop. She already got one student killed, pretty sure she doesn't wanna give Ol' Stick in the mud more reason to fire her.