Comic 615 - Who Blue Truly Are- Page 13

28th Jan 2017, 12:00 AM in Who Blue Truly Are
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Who Blue Truly Are- Page 13
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 28th Jan 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Yeaaaah, wanted to go really crazy with the haunted house. ^^ Nice and spooky for our kids to maneuver around. Not a lot to talk about; just having fun.

I think my favorite little touch on this page was the "FREE CAN DEYE" sign.... Either way, I can always enjoy a good horror movie so was happy to put that together in here; one of my favorite horror flicks is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so was trying to channel that into our villain.

I like how it's January and the temperature is 50 degrees (I live in Louisiana; that's low for us), and yet looking at this page still gets me in a great Halloween mood. ^^ When October rolls around this year and the entire chapter is wrapped up, I wanna read the whole thing in one go.
Martin F. 28th Jan 2017, 12:02 AM edit delete
Martin F.
First off, there's an art style change coming soon! It's still a few pages off but look at Wright as Rayne here to see exactly what you're in for.

This one as you'd expect was pretty time-consuming to color. Fun though, and I do like getting to go really all in on the whole goofy Halloween thing with it. Think we've mentioned before that a lot of this chapter is pretty comparable to Icy Blue and you can definitely see that here.

That candy is the devil, by the way. That took an eternity to do even just within one panel, much less three times.


Wolfintina 28th Jan 2017, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
What are Lenore and Lore talking about in the first panel, and it looks like Jake got roped into helping Su out.
Adam C. 28th Jan 2017, 12:14 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh.... Actually, that's not quite Jake, it's meant to be a friend associated with Su. Though with the mask actually DID wind up looking really similar. Though Jake'll turn up later in the chapter, so that should clear it up. ^^ Either way, gladja like.

As for Lenore and Lore, those two are just really in-character. ^^ Lenore is dressed as Arachne from Greek myth; in the original myth, she was a seamstress who beat Athena in a sewing contest. Athena got mad and for her hubris, transformed her into a small insect and that's where spiders come from (mostly; it's a Greek myth so the details of the story tend to vary). Greek mythology is very big on the "Hubris is bad" thing and attempting to rise above your "proper" place, so Lenore's probably afraid she'll be transformed into something worse if she's caught.

Lore's dressed as Trixie from My Little Pony, who was an early rival to the protagonist Twilight Sparkle (before Twilight went on to get like sixty OTHER rivals). Twilight Sparkle starts the show as an apprentice/librarian, but eventually becomes a princess, which kinda ticks Trixie off.
Drakefire 28th Jan 2017, 9:37 AM edit delete reply
I still think scaring super powered kids is a terrible idea.
Rastaba 28th Jan 2017, 11:04 AM edit delete reply
In general, yes it is. Now multiply that by ten given one of them has a sonic scream. And multiply again by three as another one has the physical strength to throw you around like a rag doll.
Adam C. 30th Jan 2017, 9:49 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh.. Preeeetty much. ^^ Good thing Grant's typically really quiet, or his voice could cause real problems.
Adam C. 30th Jan 2017, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh... Keep in mind, THESE kids made it through a forest filled with enchanted monsters, zombies, and a killer tree. .... Though that doesn't apply to Xandy or Lenore. .... Or any of the other kids going upstairs. ..... Point taken.
Drakefire 28th Jan 2017, 9:37 AM edit delete reply
I still think scaring super powered kids is a terrible idea.