Comic 714 - True Blue Filler: Selfie Exchange

6th Jan 2018, 12:00 AM in True Blue Filler
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True Blue Filler: Selfie Exchange
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 6th Jan 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Me and Martin wrote this filler together by way of just IMing each other in-character as Grant and Alex. We actually wrote a lot more we couldn't fit into the formatting of the page, and here it is....

Rainfall: goofy but fun. good comin up with stuf like that, helps with marketing
Rainfall: pracical use too. havin go-to taunts an stuff makes ya look more confident, more all-together
Blueflier: Huh... Cool. Never thought of that.
Blueflier: Guess we should look into that. Gonna try the new logo sometime. Thanks a lot!
Rainfall: no prob
Rainfall: friends get new ones 2?
Blueflier: Yup!
Blueflier: Want me to try and grab them? They all look really cool.
Rainfall: yee, be neat
Blueflier: 1 sec. I think Nicky's dwn the hall with Andy.
Blueflier: Uh... I just got snagged by my teacher asking why I was playing dress-up.
Blueflier: I.... Probably shuold've taken the costume off before leaving the room.
Rainfall: prob. can do later i guess lol, needa get ta homework
Rainfall: i suck at math lol

Yeah, the gag of Alex having terrible online grammer was a lot of fun here. ^^ But filler basically came from us both realizing "Wait, Grant and Alex both got new costumes and didn't show them off to each other." Naturally we had to address that in filler. Touch I like is Grant complimenting the blue flower since he's probably one of the only like... two or so people who knows what it means.

The "logo looks like twitter" thing was a problem we sort of had with Grant's costume, and this is basically an excuse to change it. We were playing around and came up with an improved version of the logo we'll probably try going with.

Martin's tired so here are his comments in advice!
Got a new computer today, this'd be one of the last bits of work done on the old one as a result - did a bit of coloring on stuff afterward. Guess an appropriate thing to have toward the end of the line though, huh?

Yeah, I tend to really like how these two play off each other, and also to kind of go a little more into Alex's more goofy / kind of immature side. Tend to like the dumb texting gag with him given that - this time around based it a fair bit on some of the ways people talk on a Discord server I hang around. Had fun with it naturally - besides going too long as it was I could very easily see us ending up going on way longer than that if we weren't solely doing this for the filler.


Wolfintina 6th Jan 2018, 12:11 AM edit delete reply
This is really cute and silly and fun, looking forward to the next one.