Comic 746 - The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 27

27th Apr 2018, 11:00 PM in The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu
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The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 27
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 27th Apr 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Martin F.
This page came together fairly last minute - so much so that I didn't actually get the chance to finish the final version of it before Adam had to go to work so as of this writing he's not actually seen it yet. Also last minute enough that I actually set it up earlier and now on commenting had to go back and fix Ana in the last panel, had missed her hair and glasses.

But yeah, on the whole pretty happy with his one and I hope everyone enjoys it. Certainly a busy page but do like how the focus is kind of on Lore in a moment kind of regaining her confidence and going in swinging. Think it's a well-executed bit that kind of pays off how down in the dumps and afraid she's been for a lot of this chapter in a way that doesn't just feel like it's regurgitating Grant going through something similar in the last chapter.

Makes you wonder what she's thinking throwing the book, though...
Adam C. 28th Apr 2018, 7:25 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Gah. Lying in bed trying to sleep before work and I realize that while I commented on WaR, I forgot this... Eheh... Lemme see....

Yeah, Lore's big get-your-groove back moment. I was waiting the whole chapter to do this, and had been planning this exact second for it since the first page. Was really trying to show something that played off how she wasn't going to sit by and let people do horrible things. That's why it was kicked off not just by Nine Eyes looking scary and giving demands, but by him holding people hostage and hurting them.

The big panel where she throws it was especially fun. ^^ Love the way she has the expression and the great skyline of the forest to really imply distance. Like, it's going to be really hard to get that thing back now.

Speaking of, Ana's one line and that bit where she has to pull her legs up to miss being hit by Nine Eyes weren't planned in the script. Those were just things that occurred drawing her. It's still pretty clear Ana is my favorite of the BP Girls and I love writing stuff with her.

Like Martin said there was an effort to make this different from Grant's moment earlier. When Grant was feeling defeated, what brought him out of it was encouragement from Alex. When Lore was defeated, she needed a challenge with a purpose. Something that had meaning and something she had to stop. Lore needed a moment where she could kick butt. ^^

That said, yeah. Once you think about it for more than two seconds, throwing the book was pretty stupid.


Wolfintina 28th Apr 2018, 2:30 PM edit delete reply
Even if it's going to be hard for everyone here to find the book someone is still going to find it eventually unless wild animals destroy it first, what in the world is going to happen now.
Reaper Dragon 28th Apr 2018, 4:18 PM edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
Unless anyone has special search powers of some sort then the fastest person could probably find it in under an hour.