Comic 759 - The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 40

12th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM in The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu
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The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 40
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 12th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Might need to rush my comments here, kind of last minute-ish and I'm pretty exhausted plus it happens to be storming.

On the whole pretty happy with this one. Nice, cozy scene back in the dorm now that everything's calmed down and the kids are victorious. Think the gradients helped a lot with giving the room a more sort of comforting, calm look than it's had in the past - took some trial and error to make it still look like it has in the past while going in on the blue effect but think it looks pretty good.

All I've really got but hopefully everybody enjoys!
Adam C. 13th Jun 2018, 3:11 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Heheheh... Yeah, long day at work, then I get back to watch the new Smash trailer and this page. Really happy with the results; me and Martin had to push on it but it just looks so adorable and cute. ^^ Milked it for as much adorable-ness as we could.

Was trying hard to give the decoding this really silly, friendly slumber-party feeling, and I spent a lot of time on that second panel just trying to think of more pillows, toys, and snacks they could have.

Xandy and Lenore made a cameo in the first panel purely because they hadn't shown up anywhere in this chapter and if I have the chance to put them in I will. Our horror-movie fan Miss Su is wearing a "Silver Shamrock" T-shirt from Halloween 3.

Speaking of shirts, I put Jake in a t-shirt purely because you never see him wearing them and I wanted to know how it looked. Not... that fond of the result, but now we know, I guess. I meant to give it a Bob Dylan quote on the front but we never saw him from that angle anyway. On the plus side, did find a good Dylan quote for him to drop next chapter.


Rastaba 13th Jun 2018, 1:01 AM edit delete reply

Second, good on the kids for working hard to decipher that spell! Mind you, pretty sure some things are best lost to the ages for a variety of reasons, and this may well turn out to only lead to more disaster in the future. Or perhaps lead to some hidden secret pertaining to the 'appearance' of the blue bloods considering our Baron Blue Fountain. Probably the former more than the latter though.

And third, Andy's shirt reminds me of Link's tunic in Breath of the Wild. Whether that is intentional or just I am seeing a resemblance where there isn't any meant, who can say?
Adam C. 15th Jun 2018, 5:58 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Yeah, I think the name was too good of a reference for us to pass up. Fontainebleu doesn't have anything to do with Blue-bloods in reality.

Heh. Andy's shirt is Link's lobster-tunic from Wind Waker.
Wolfintina 13th Jun 2018, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
Talk about a cuteness overload, wonder what's going to happen next.
Adam C. 15th Jun 2018, 5:57 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heheh... Really glad you like. ^^