Comic 761 - The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 42

19th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM in The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu
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The Lost Spell of Baron Fontainebleu, Page 42
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 19th Jun 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Drew this on an especially bad day, and felt really happy to see it finished as the capper to it. The line Jenny has about late nights was purely a reference to how since getting a job I've had a lot of pages I've had to stay up really late to do and put off sleep for, but it's been worth it. This page is one of them. It's erally sweet and adorable and I'm really happy it came out so nice. I kinda wanna export just that last panel and use it as a wallpaper for my PC.

In particular I liked all the touches of how they look when they're about to fall asleep and are trailing off. All falling asleep in a big heap.

If you're curious, no, Fontainium isn't our comics' version of Adamantium, we've got something a little different in mind for it. ^^

There was consideration to have this chapter end with one more page to give us an ominous scene with Marvelous Man, but it's already gotten way, WAY too long for our tastes and we realllllly need a break. Plus it was kinda neat having an entire chapter without the guy. The arc with MM has already been going on way longer than I wanted it to. Speaking of, we'll be climaxing that arc next time. One reason I've been annoyed with how long this chapters' been going is I really, REALLY wanna get to the climax. ^^

If you're wondering, Heather having the blanket draped over her this entire chapter is because her blanket is fire-proof, and she's not sleeping in her and Val's room where everything is flame retardant. Plus I think since she spent most of her life with flame-retardant materials wrapped around her, she probably lines being bundled up and warm.
Martin F. 20th Jun 2018, 1:58 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Yeah, this page is pretty much just an excuse to show everyone being snuggly and winding down for the evening. Simple and maybe not the most necessary, but pretty happy with it on the whole.

Gotta say, am quite glad to have the chapter over with. It's been a fun ride, but we've been living on a wire for awhile now in regards to Blues pages and it's been a very busy chapter in terms of head counts. Definitely can use the upcoming break - more details on that to come.


Wolfintina 20th Jun 2018, 2:06 AM edit delete reply
Very, very interesting, this lost spell seems more like an alchemy recipe, looking forward to seeing another student spotlight.