Comic 778 - Blue vs. Gold, Page 8

17th Aug 2018, 11:00 PM in Blue vs. Gold
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Blue vs. Gold, Page 8
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 17th Aug 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
Jeez, this next sequence of pages is awkward. Didn't realize until looking up pictures of Margret just how little we actually see her... She was always intended to be a major player character in Marvelous Man's half of the comic, always in the background with an implied heavy connection, but she honestly hasn't turned up that much.

Obviously Margret was written to be a Lois Lane figure, but I was actually just straight-up writing her AS Lois and still am through this sentence. That's going to make this next sequence awkward for reasons I'll get into; let's just say that writing these pages really made me reflect on what made Lois tick and realize why she's such a loveable character.

As such, I can't recall if they ever mentioned Lois was a Former Teenage Rebel but that's always been the implication I've gotten from her. She's told anecdotes about her childhood before in the comics that give that implication, and it makes a lot of sense given her relationship with her dad.

Though in scripting this page I meant for her to have more of a Daria air as a teenager, being the sort of "Opinionated and self-satisfied" rebel, not full punk rocker. Can't really say I'm complaining, though. ^^

But we can see here that MM has no trouble reading the mind of the person he's apparently dating, and find out a bit more about their relationship. I don't remember if this was gone into that heavily before, but Margret and Mike dated for most of high school and college before he wound up enlisting in the military.

The more critical thing I'm establishing on this page is that Marvelous Man's memory of events tends to be a bit self-serving. You could probably guess that already but it's going to be important in a moment....
Martin F. 18th Aug 2018, 1:21 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Kind of funny, Adam had plenty to say but not entirely sure offhand how much I've got.

Offhand I colored this page and the one after it back to back since I'd let quite a backlog build up for awhile and it's a pretty simple one. Do like how this lot came out though, in particular that one flashback panel. That was kind of fun to just mess around with.

Does kind of make you wonder why she was even in home ec to begin with in that case, though. Parents made her maybe?


Wolfintina 18th Aug 2018, 1:54 AM edit delete reply
Very, very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
Adam C. 21st Aug 2018, 10:52 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
I hope you enjoy but uh... That's not too likely I'm afraid. ^^
karmachameleon 18th Aug 2018, 9:01 AM edit delete reply
Something tells me the lip-locking is gonna scramble the memories a bit- MM isn’t one to want to remember his faults.
Adam C. 21st Aug 2018, 10:35 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh. Classic Superman reference. ^^ Hope you'll enjoy what's coming.