Comic 789 - Blue vs. Gold, Page 19

25th Sep 2018, 11:00 PM in Blue vs. Gold
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Blue vs. Gold, Page 19
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 25th Sep 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
That's right, folks. Secret's out.

You might've noticed at the first half of this chapter was mostly spent re-enforcing the Status Quo. We're given reminders that the kids are living at the school and still go on magical adventures without their teachers or their guardians knowing. Their guardians even pop up purely to subtly remind everyone of the specifics of their relationship and by extension the kids relationship with the public at large. It was all set-up for this one moment.

Lot to unpack with this page specifically.... When I first started the comic I think I knew inwardly that at some point the kids would have to go public and reveal themselves to the world. Inwardly I just never quite believed that they could stay secret for this long and I like super-heroes stories that address the question of secret identities going public. Hell, I never quite forgave the Ultimate Spider-Man books for refusing to let Peter reveal his identity until his death (There was really no point since every single member of his rouges gallery knew he was Peter Parker in that comic). I just didn't know when.

It wasn't planned at first for the Marvelous Man arc to be the point, I think I had it in mind for a hypothetical later time. Then I remember just chatting with Martin one night and... I have no idea how the subject came up who even who suggested it, but it got thrown out that having the kids get exposed might work nicely for the Marvelous Man arc's finale. A story-arc that's been going on as long as this one has should have a major status-quo shift or it would feel meaningless. This felt like a very natural progression of the storyline and the kids' careers as super-heroes.

The main kicker is that I think the comic is sort of outgrowing the secret identity thing. I griped earlier about the kids constantly being immune to psychic attacks? The reason is that's an easy way for them to go out and fight danger while still being hidden. In general most of the ways the kids find out about bad-guys and are around to fight crime are really flimsy. It's genuinely a struggle to find ways for the kids to encounter the bad guy a lot of the time. With a hero like Batman the secret identity works because it lends more avenues to explore the character while also opening the door for plenty of potential story ideas (Villains attacking a charity event Bruce Wayne's bankrolling, discovery that a scientist at Waynetech is embezzling tech to become a super-villain, would-be kidnappers trying to hold Bruce Wayne for ransom, ect).

With the kids, keeping their identities secret felt more like a hindrance than an advantage. The very second the idea of them going public was thrown out, me and Martin were overflowing with ideas for all the ways that could go and what would result from it. Eventually it got to the point that THE NEXT ENTIRE STORY ARC is based around dealing with the fall-out of this. We're both actually really excited to see that one get underway. ^^

So yeah.... Thoughts on this particular page... I've been going over this one in my mind again and again for like a year, really happy with it. In particular it was written to specifically mirror the page where Marvelous Man went public way back in Blue Debut....

I kinda knew the page had to end on Lori just to make it clear "Yeah. EVERYONE knows" but the rest of the people watching the broadcast were a toss-up for a while. I got the idea for the Alex joke early (of course I got an excuse to write something happening in Atlanta I worked in Ropun) so that was an easy choice, and when the time came to finally sit down and write it I had to cut back to the school to show Jake was okay.... Martina watching was something of a last-minute decision. Were plenty of other people we could've shown instead.

This is one of those pages I was really nervous and self-conscious drawing too.... In particular I was really uneasy about the expressions (literally re-drew a couple in the finished page before setting this up). I'm usually super-confident in my expressions but here I really had to work hard to get them to look just right. Favorites are Margret's when she's looking at the ring which had to be the perfect mix of disgust and shock, and Lori's which had to be the visual representation of "What."

Eheh.... Yeah, this is probably the longest stack of comments I've ever done but... you can see why, right? Loooot to address, hope you folks'll enjoy this going forward.
Martin F. 25th Sep 2018, 11:10 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Funny thing is I have no idea if I'm going to be able to nearly match how much Adam had to say, but let's see here...

First off in case anyone's wondering, no, this isn't going to be conveniently undone via psychic powers or something. The secret's out there and we're committed to exploring that going forward. That said...

Did a fair bit of experimenting with coloring this one, namely by way of darkening the tint on Marvelous Man and the kids to kind of emphasize that that's a background element to what's really going on here, and partially distract from something I noticed about the fourth panel, that it kind of looks like Margaret's carrying around a Marvelous Man balloon by the foot. Between the tint and now being in color don't think that quite registers as much but still kind of funny to think about in relation to it.

Another bit of experimenting was with the greater detail on Franklin and on the more soft color scheme on Martina. Latter is probably something we won't really see much past this - sort of intended more as off-the-clock garb than to look actiony.

Christina wasn't even in the script incidentally, Adam just felt like throwing her in. Kind of obvious I guess in her going completely unacknowledged by the other two but eh, still good to see her. For what it's worth I didn't really necessarily picture her as a stoner, that was kind of Adam's gag, but I can certainly see it so didn't really object.

One kind of funny thing is this page partially seems to be taking place AFTER the next one, but we'll get to that.


babygirl 25th Sep 2018, 11:10 PM edit delete reply
Hay can we hear what MM is saying to them.
Wolfintina 25th Sep 2018, 11:20 PM edit delete reply
Okay wow so much is going on I can't even figure out what to say.
karmachameleon 26th Sep 2018, 1:45 PM edit delete reply

This can only end well. The kids’ guardians freaking out over their hero antics, their classmates wanting in on the crime fighting gig, and MM is definitely gonna put his foot in his mouth somehow...