Comic 793 - Blue vs. Gold, Page 23

9th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM in Blue vs. Gold
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Blue vs. Gold, Page 23
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 9th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Adam C.
On the phone, work tonight, lots to talk about, who read the Young Justice comic books and recognizes that's where I got this idea?
Martin F. 9th Oct 2018, 11:33 PM edit delete
Martin F.
Funny, not sure how much I've got to say on this one. Guess first off if you read Wright as Rayne and didn't see, it's the eighth anniversary so be sure to get a look over at the year nine preview. One we really enjoyed doing.

Anyway, back to Blues, page is kind of a hard one to comment on but do like how it came out. I need to get back to working on the next one, did a good chunk of it this morning but got sidelined by the aforementioned WaR filler and some edits needed to it.
Adam C. 10th Oct 2018, 1:28 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, rather than just having one side pound on the other until they win, specifically wanna have a lot of move/countermove action between the lot of them. Keeps it more interesting. Part of the appeal of this fight is that Marvelous Man is now MORE powerful than the last time he curb-stomped them, since now he has the added bonus of being able to read minds.

Yeah, specifically got this from the Young Justice comic from the 90s; Harm was able to pin down and basically-disable fly heroes just by way of dragging them around behind his car to keep them off-balance and from using their flight.

The distant-focus thing would be a good counter, but don't know if that would've occurred to him without the telepathy explicitly saying that's what they had planned.

Visuals are a bit bland on this page. I try to actively improve on that in the ones coming.


babygirl 9th Oct 2018, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
Right MM you know what this plan is. But it dose not mean they don't have others.
Rastaba 9th Oct 2018, 11:55 PM edit delete reply
...he realizes he is feeling superior because he believes he outsmarted children...correct? I mean, I will give him this. The focus on a distant landmark thing, well done on him remembering that apparently. I won't begrudge him that. Well played.

Too bad as babygirl mentioned, they might have other tactics to try on him. Though this definitely seemed like their safest bet far as powers to try and cancel out/attack him from.

And lastly...we don't honestly KNOW for sure he doesn't HAVE Nicky's powers in there somewhere. It seems unlikely mind you, but to my knowledge it's never been confirmed he DOESN'T have Nicky's powers in there somewhere. Or that he doesn't have powers from some of the other blue blood students.
Martin F. 10th Oct 2018, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
Martin F.
Actually one previous page did more or less rule that out -

Granted not in the most direct manner possible.
Rastaba 10th Oct 2018, 8:09 AM edit delete reply
Many things are inadivsable. Like trying to make super powers plug and play, but here Marvelous Man is. Though I will take this as ‘word of god’ on the matter.
Wolfintina 10th Oct 2018, 2:19 AM edit delete reply
Very interesting, wonder what's going to happen next.
Onasaki 12th Oct 2018, 9:01 AM edit delete reply
You know, I think they were expecting him to read their plans. The idea of keeping him 'unbalanced' doesn't exactly have to mean keeping him literally unbalanced and falling over all the time.

It just means be unpredictable. He's going to take the literal approach to it all, because MM is a selfish jackass who thinks he can 'outsmart children'. But the kids are way smarter then he could begin to conceive.
Adam C. 12th Oct 2018, 5:54 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh. Neat theory, but how would the kids have known Marvelous Man had gotten psychic powers since they last met him? They only knew when he started broadcasting, not when they were in their dorms putting together this plan. ^^
babygirl 12th Oct 2018, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
Well you don't have to be a genius to see that MM needs to from Nicky's hold.