Comic 796 - Blue vs. Gold, Page 26

19th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM in Blue vs. Gold
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Blue vs. Gold, Page 26
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 19th Oct 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Martin F.
See, this... This is why Valerie's a 5 in the danger rating. Or really would probably be like an 8 if they knew just how powerful she actually is. Good thing she can control it these days, huh?

Yeah, this page was pretty fun to do. Took some doing certainly but we do always like how these big, flashy effects tend to come out. Kind of more excuse to do them in Blues than in WaR given the differences in power levels but hey, it's not something you want to overdue anyway.

Gotta say this is actually kind of one of the more depraved things Marvelous Man's done if you think about it. Yeah, she's able to handle it but from his perspective he was basically prepared to try to torture a child into submission by overwhelming her on something that for all he knows could have killed her. Granted I'm sure he didn't think that far ahead.
Adam C. 19th Oct 2018, 11:32 PM edit delete
Adam C.
.... That's a good point. I never realized that aspect of this page. Was too distracted making Valerie more awesome than ever.

Yeah, basic idea for her was to give her a power line she could grab onto and steadily rack up energy until she could go full Dragonball on the guy. Had this in mind for the comic for a looong time and just LOVE finally getting to see it. ^^ Just... jeez.

Marvelous Man's logic probably wasn't planned out that far, though. He probably was just trying to overload her and knew that'd work. He's designed to be a kind of hero who doesn't plan things out and just insists that luck will get him through things (Kirk, Hal Jordan, ect) and that tactic works under that sort of logic. Under real logic though... she's not trying to HOARD energy right now, she's about to EXPEL energy. He's just giving her more to throw back at him.


Rastaba 20th Oct 2018, 1:10 AM edit delete reply
Valerie frankly lands in a class of her own given the sheer potential behind her power of storing, absorbing, and releasing such varied energies. Coupled with the fact that her exact limits are as of yet unknown given they only seem to be increasing as she tests and pushes that limit.

Grant I would say due to his possession of two well synchronized powers falls in second in terms of power/danger as sound and air pressure are NEVER to be underestimated! Coupled with his ability of omnidirectional unassisted flight, he could be quite potent. Except we know for a fact his most devastating AOE causes damage to him as well, and whistling a tune while quite lethal when used properly doesn’t appear to have reached ‘air bullet’ level speed yet. So he lags behind a girl who can shoot lightning when charged up.

Lore and Jenny’s powers are even enough. Simple enough in appearance. Strength that appears to only increase, and super speed that may similarly be increasing in top velocity. There is a ton of potential to both, Jenny’s speed more than Lore’s strength, but unlike Valerie who can seemingly learn new tricks just by being made to absorb new types of energy...what we see is what we get for now.

Andy, for his POWERS, is the least dangerous...he has perfect balance and phenomenal agility. And a sort of magic stick whooping stick who’s full abilities remain to be seen, if there are any other. Not to say such isn’t still dangerous but compared to the rest, his natural powers are a little lackluster. His actual potential danger probably comes more from himself and the general benefits of being a blue blood, in particular his advanced maturity and intellect.

Nicki is unquantifiable...Stretchy heroes abilities are bizarrely wide ranged, going from of course stretching to reshaping their entire bodies at will, to even changing their appearance to match other’s. Plus how far he can stretch before injuring himself or rubber-banding back has yet to be established to my memory.

And this is just them as KIDS! These are children who I am discussing! I want so badly to see how the kid’s future selves measure up, but dread the headache anything involving time travel or time skips would bring!
Wolfintina 20th Oct 2018, 2:13 AM edit delete reply
You go Val, show that musclehead what you're made of, looking forward to the next page.