Comic 816 - Blue vs. Gold, Page 44

29th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM in Blue vs. Gold
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Blue vs. Gold, Page 44
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Author Notes:

Martin F. 29th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
Martin F.
And that's the end. Victory! I guess!

Yeah, this is pretty much all set up for where the next story arc is going, and should give at least some idea of what it is going to be involving. Though if this page is kind of confusing... Yeah, it's sort of supposed to be.

The silhouette thing was my idea (though I realy only actually pitched it for the penultimate panel) and while admittedly part of it was motivated by how tight the schedule has been on Blues for quite some time now, the main motivating factor was thinking it'd help with really putting over how frantic and overwhelming this whole situation has now turned with the spotlight on the group. Adam ended up expanding that to the rest of the page and I think it works pretty well.

We'll be going on a bit of a break for awhile with the usual round of filler, although NOT with our usual hosts. Xandy and Lenore will return to the role later but for the time being, we'll be instead seeing a couple of other characters representing both comics. Anyone got any guesses who?

Also... I don't want to give TOO much detail on this until we get to rolling it out, but from here we're heading into something of a Blue Blood Heroes 2.0. We have a new banner for the site planned to go up soon (probably a few pages into the next chapter, want to wait until the time is right on it) and we've kicked around the idea of changing the site's background, though input on that could be useful because we're very split on it. I might also try updating the cast page, there's an idea I've been nursing for awhile of how to make it work better for both comics and just not been making the time for it. We might also end up adjusting the cover layout, I dunno, a lot of this remains to be seen. I realize this whole paragraph is useless to any of you reading on DA.
Adam C. 29th Dec 2018, 5:02 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Heheh... Yeah, this is a weiiiird one to talk about, but the next arc of Blues is going to have a LOT of stuff changed and mixed around. ^^ But it will be starting after the traditional one-month break. Just want to put out that it's realllllyy hard to not discuss, especially after this ending.

Admittedly, bit wonky about the silhouette thing... In my defense I've been fighting a cold and a really overbearing work-schedule, so I genuinely dunno if I even COULD do anything more elabtorate even if I wanted to. One thing I miss leaving out is Lori showing up to hug her sister, looking all dishelved and horrified, clearly having run right to the sight form work. The plus-side is that it DOES really make things look confused and off-putting. Idea we had in mind for this ending was to feel very abrupt and shocking. Jake gets arrested, crowd engulfs kids, screaming, end.

I kinda agonized over Jake's lines in the second panel a little bit.... I kinda was tempted to make him say more, especially given how... Traumatic the moment turned out to be for the kids. But he clearly has something planned that he might not be able to discuss in public, and one of the most defined traits of Jake is his lack of emotional expression. I think the lines in the second panel are as warm and comforting as he's able to get.

Also considered having Jake's last line to them being a Bob Dylan quote ("Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do.") with the gag being him being annoyed when he later realized they wouldn't get the reference. Think this felt better.

Eheh... Yeah. ^^ The Marvelous Man arc's all wrapped up now. And not a moment too soon, this one took WAY too long to finish.... We might see the big lug again sometime in the future, no shortage of ideas for how he could turn up and it'd be fun to see a Round 3, but it won't be for a LONG time. We've got something... very different in mind for the next Arc Villain. ^^

As Martin mentioned, our typical filler will not be hosted by Xandy and Lenore, though we have another pair of hosts in mind we hope folks'll enjoy. ^^ It's a pair who are present in both comics, any guesses who?


babygirl 29th Dec 2018, 12:39 AM edit delete reply
I am thinking professor Blake and Dr mariposa or maybe Miss Tickle and Miss Su.
Adam C. 29th Dec 2018, 5:03 AM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh. Interesting ideas, especially fond of Blake and Mariposa, but no. The reason we use Xandy and Lenore is that each kinda represents the pair of comics (Xandy for WaR and Lenore for Blues) so the replacement hosts have to fit that category.
babygirl 29th Dec 2018, 11:09 AM edit delete reply
Wait I thought Dr Blake was in the chapter where miss black and her friend was on the big ship with all the other magic users.
Adam C. 1st Jan 2019, 5:08 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh... Don't think so... The characters weren't invented until way after that chapter was written.
Onasaki 29th Dec 2018, 1:35 PM edit delete reply
Blue Bloods 2.0. I mean, that's a good milestone. You literally got the story to get to a point where you can settle down and take it into a new direction.

I look forward to seeing how everything remakes itself.
Adam C. 1st Jan 2019, 5:13 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
See, now you've got me worried; whenever stories really break to a point like this and can go any direction, I'm usually disappointed because I like what I come up with in my head better. The next chapter'll mostly set it on a clear course, and hope that course'll be a good one. ^^
Wolfintina 29th Dec 2018, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
I'm sick too so I can imagine how you must be feeling Adam, I can think of a lot people who are present in both comics so I don't have a clue which pair it could be.
Wolfintina 30th Dec 2018, 3:43 PM edit delete reply
Although now that I really think about it I can't help but wonder if you guys are planning on using that twin pair of annoying gadflys.
Adam C. 1st Jan 2019, 5:09 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh. That's not a bad guess. ^^
Reaper Dragon 30th Dec 2018, 2:16 PM edit delete reply
Reaper Dragon
If a non blue blood can be made into a blue blood, can an existing one be given more powers? (I think that’s been answered as yes)
Can the kids be hired, upgraded and replace MM?
Adam C. 1st Jan 2019, 5:17 PM edit delete reply
Adam C.
Heh. Well, the "2.0" thing was more referring to the comic itself... maybe it'd be more accurate to say "Season 2." Or... Would it be Season 3? Would the Marvelous Man arc have been Season 2? Okay, now I'm confused.... Either way, new arc and new season.

But I can say there's no plan in place for the kids to "upgrade" like that. They ARE planning on learning new skills and talents but that's training and lessons on their own, not just ordering new powers and having them put in.