Comic 832 - Been Missing Blue, Page 7

23rd Feb 2019, 12:00 AM in Been Missing Blue
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Been Missing Blue, Page 7
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 23rd Feb 2019, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
Erm... Yeah, you can tell from the super-empty backgrounds I was NOT prepared to draw a store. Stores are a nightmare for me since they by definition have shelves and shelves of a wide variety of items. As you can imagine, the very next page has them out of this place.

I kinda had this in mind for a while, but to my surprise I hadn't even mentioned this to Martin. Grant is FROM Florida but he and his parents moved to Sapphire City before the school officially opened. That's why he was at the Marvelous Man fight. This is partly to smooth over Grant's home situation, but also like how weird that feels given how his folks almost never visited him at school.

To help write this script, I sorta kicked around a goofy draft with Martin with the two of us taking turns. In that version the kids were smart enough to just give all their money to Valerie to have her buy it, but I loved the idea of them all picking out their flavors. ^^

Speaking of, I tried to make the ice cream look like Bluebell pints, which is super-popular here in the Southern US (it's made in Texas). I get the feeling it's not anywhere near as common in the rest of the country, but not sure. Like, they're way bigger than Ben & Jerrys where I live. Turns out I haven't had Bluebell in forever since the pints look only vaguely like the Bluebell packaging, but kinda only go the gold caps.

On that subject, Grant's getting Rocky Road (half-reference to that chapter with Alex), Nicky's getting Cotton Candy, Jenny's getting Mint, Andy's got Cherry, Valerie has Orange Sherbet, and Lore has Blackberry. Lore and Val are getting my two favorite kinds of Bluebell.
Martin F. 23rd Feb 2019, 12:19 AM edit delete
Martin F.
The ice cream and stuff I left it up to Adam to color on this one; if the colors look a little overly bright on them, I adjusted the lot next page.

Couple reasons for that - laziness was certainly a factor, but also figured he had an idea in mind of who had what so figured it was best to leave that to his discretion.

Kind of an odd page to comment on since it's mostly a diversion from the conversation that had been going on, but we touch in on the subject of Grant's parents. The next page will actually be diverting from that before we touch back in on that subject in more detail, but still think that next one's probably one of the best pages in the chapter.
Martin F. 23rd Feb 2019, 9:12 AM edit delete
Martin F.
Oh wait, we forgot to mention a funny coincidence about this page! Of all pages to happen to be the one with the kids dropping into a convenience store, it happens to be page #711. Not intended at all but pretty amusing.


Wolfintina 23rd Feb 2019, 1:10 AM edit delete reply
Very silly, wonder what's going to happen next.