Comic 95 - Heroes Wear Blue, Page 40

3rd Mar 2012, 12:00 AM in Heroes Wear Blue
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Heroes Wear Blue, Page 40
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Author Notes:

Adam C. 3rd Mar 2012, 12:00 AM edit delete
Adam C.
When I scripted this page, I meant it to be a slower reveal that they were on a cloud, but guess the image was too neat to pass up on.

This is the last page of this chapter and has maybe my favorite image of Martina. The black-white look of her cloak, the wind rushing past her, and her head over the moon forms the eclipse symbol that's she associated with. Didn't realize until now how much I liked it.

Like Grant said, they always come back. We only saw a small taste of what Martina can do in this chapter; when she returns, it'll be far worse. The secret of where her powers come from, as well as what her powers ARE, are still to come....
Martin F. 3rd Mar 2012, 2:24 AM edit delete
Martin F.
I really should've given these two a night color scheme for this, but if memory serves I was in a hurry at the time I did it. If you're wondering, illumination spell or something.

Next chapter starts on Wednesday, as mentioned - it'll be another one on the long side, but I don't think quite as long as this one was. There's a lot of set up that goes into it, though, so pretty understandable.